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02 FEBRUARY - 24 MARCH 2012

"The Alchemists' Trials: Deconstruction of Normal Tendencies" (2012 YorkArts Curatorial Exhibit) @ YorkArts, 10 N Beaver St., York, PA.
RECEPTION: Thursday, 02 Feb, 6:00-8:00pm.


Gallery Group Show @ Yorktowne Hotel, York, PA.


Art works are NOW available to purchase from my Etsy shop, pfielosophy. Please follow @pfielosophy on twitter for updates, new products, discounts and sales.

Art works are available at Garth Gallery in Columbia, PA. Please don't hesitate to contact the gallery to see available work or the artist for current portfolio.

From the Artist

"Happy New Year!

2012 is starting to be a busy year. I've been working on my first curatorial exhibition for YorkArts called 'The Alchemists' Trials: Deconstruction of Normal Tendencies' since last year. Now the event is opening next week and I'm both nervous and excited. I knew that working on one would be a task but I've quickly realized that there are tons of details I have to be on top off. Hopefully, I've covered everything. Now, I just have to worry about speaking in front of a crowd and a bunch of kids. Yikes. But hopefully, I'll see you there.
(see details under Latest News)

Please check my new blog Unsolicited Manuscripts on Tumblr. This is another attempt to have a blog. As most of you know, it takes quite an amount of time to maintain one but I hope tumblr would make it easy enough for me to do so.

For this new site update, I've added QR codes for people who have smartphones and who are familiar with them to easily scan my information through my site. It is a new feature that I thought to put here since these codes are getting more 'common' in our lives.

Other news, events or updates are also mentioned on my Facebook or twitter page."

Posted by fiel, 29 January 2012

"Beauty is in every moment, it's up to you to find it.
- Sharleen Spiteri

February 2012
Gallery Group Show @ Yorktowne Hotel

06-20 May 2012
Spring Members' Exhibit @ YAA

09-23 September 2012
Fall Members' Exhibit @ YAA

07-28 Ocotber 2012
Annual Juried Exhibit @ YAA

11-25 November 2012
PA Watercolor Society Exhibit @ YAA

14 Feb - 13 Apr 2013
SOLO Show @ Gallery at Second (Harrisburg, PA)

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